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08-03-06, 03:03 PM
Wow I managed to see this and Date Movie in the same week - what a difference!!

Good Night and Good Luck is the story of Edward Murrow, journalist and tv presenter in 1950's America. The US is in the middle of a mass hysteric anti-Communist campaign being led by Junior Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Murrow discovers that an Air-Force soldier is dismissed due to his father's alleged links to Communism despite there being no hearing and the evidence never being presented.

He and his news team do a report on their weekly show on CBS about this which sets off a chain reaction involving McCarthy appearing on the show.

David Strathairn is brilliant as Murrow - well deserving his Oscar nomination. George Clooney directs and plays Murrows producer Fred Friendly. Other cast members include Robert Downey Jr and Jeff Daniels.

The film is in black and white which works perfectly and includes actual stock footage taken from Murrow's shows.

If you are remotely interested in this period of US history or interested in good, well made film, this is for you.

A film to make you think - 10/10