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20-03-06, 06:56 AM
original story was a thumb at the nose of the Thatcher government and the potential it had for becoming a fascist state. Taken to the extreme, Moore's England of the late 20th Century could be compared to Nazi Germany, where the corrupt government would imprison and kill homosexuals in the name of the country's churchgoing leader. Those who have read the original series will be surprised by how much of Moore's powerful story remains intact, giving this film a similar attitude as Terry Gilliam's "Brazil," only without the fantasy and humor.

I saw this on Friday night , and enjoyed it, I never had a chance to read the graphic novel , but when I go to the nearest comicbook shop I will be sure to pick up a copy. rating 8/10

20-03-06, 12:09 PM
I read a review in the local herald that was really interesting,the reviewer claimed that the film will not do well because it promotes terrorism or something becasue hugo weaving blows up a govt building?!

Is the hero a goodguy or a bad guy? and is the govt reall repressive?

I will have to catch this movie I am really looking forward to it.

Poo Bear
20-03-06, 12:53 PM
I wasn't sure if i should go see this film but thanks to Azreal, I will go and see it saturday! :D

20-03-06, 12:55 PM
I think some people who see this might think that the film promotes terrorism, but heck one mans terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

20-03-06, 01:06 PM
one mans terrorist is another man's freedom fighter
And there you have it, in one sentence!
I really want to see this movie especially after all the bleeding conservative yanks have spoken out against it.
Anything they want to ban/ slander must be wothwile :D
So as soon as this move hits the cinema in Holland i'm going to see it.
Oh and i was in a CS:S clan called =Vendetta= once :P

Poo Bear
20-03-06, 01:38 PM
I hope your not a terrorist with a coffee shop! That is the most dangerours kind!

20-03-06, 01:49 PM
Thats the least dangerous i would recon... Thats the thing with stoners they have all the plans and ideas but they'll do it "tomorrow" ;)

01-04-06, 05:10 PM
Loved this - trailer is a little mis-leading as it looks like an all-out actioner but really isn't. Good direction and good production from the Wakowskis.

Natalie Portman is excellent and Hugo Weaving give a great vocal performance (he is never seen in the movie due to his Guy Fawkes mask).

Some social commentary - the author of the original graphic novel meant this as his idea of what Britain would be like if the Thatcher government was still in power in 2020 - and a lot is very 1984.

Powerful stuff but don't go expecting the Matrix. 9/10

01-04-06, 05:44 PM
Yes it was a shame that one of the best Australian actors ever couldnt show his face-oh well! [Hugo Weaving]
Very good movie!

02-04-06, 08:40 AM
normally im all for these sorta films...but this.....i just dunno - ill have too see it......dunno wat to make of it though

02-04-06, 08:49 AM
well hate to disagree with the rest of you, but i saw it a few weeks back and i didnt like it.
Yeah, the story is involving, but the plot is dragged out too much, and the incredibly annoying americanisms inserted into it are just painful.

I'd say worth watching, but not at the cinema.

03-04-06, 09:48 AM
>>one mans terrorist is another man's freedom fighter

Is it true that Michael Collins is considered a terrorist in England?,Cromwell is considered a really evil man in Ireland and supposedly he is a hero in England.

Crazy crazy World.

03-04-06, 10:12 AM
The Apollo 11 orbiter bloke? No he's not...

As for the 1920's Michael Collins good luck finding somebody who's heard of him...

03-04-06, 10:19 AM
As for the 1920's Michael Collins good luck finding somebody who's heard of him...

Micheal collins, hmm hes the Irish Bloke that did a lot of violent protesting to do with the government, dont remember exactly what it was about but i know who he is i did about him in history :D


03-04-06, 05:23 PM
Was played by Liam Neeson in the 1996 film called, funnily enough, Michael Collins (http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0117039/) also starring Alan Rickman and Julia Roberts who had one of the worst Irish accents ever put onto celluloid.

03-04-06, 08:35 PM
Yep really bad accent indeed although the film was good,I laughed my head off when all the irish people were being shot all the other people in the cinema were furious,it happened like 100 years ago so I find it funny enough!

03-04-06, 09:22 PM
Very good film. Interesting that in Ireland it received a PG rating due to its historical content, in the UK it was a 15 and in the US an R.

04-04-06, 08:32 AM
It was released in the US?!

Yeah it was considered accurate enough to be called historical although there are some mistakes,Like for example the film implies that Eamonn Devalera orders the murder of michael collins.

Alan rickman does a really great Eamonn deValera.Anyway back to V for vendetta!

07-04-06, 11:55 AM
I went to the premiere of this movie here a couple of days ago and it was great!
Personally i think the comics were better but this film has to stand up to Hollywood values, so a lot of the original violence was removed :(

20-07-06, 02:32 PM
Saw this film a couple of days ago, very good, 8/10

29-08-06, 10:36 AM
Another Film I watched yesterday. I had wanted to see this for a while basicaly it kinda runs on a recreation of the gunpowder plot, just set in the future and far far cooler.

Plot Outline: A shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.

Natalie Portman was great in it and hot even wiht her head shaved. Hugo Weaving (Mr Smith from the Matrix)as V was tremendous his speeches were fantastic even if you could tell it was adapted by the wachowski brothers (Directors of the matrix). Nice to see a film about Britain being the strongest country on earth :)


29-08-06, 06:10 PM
i think the best bit in the film was his speech at the beginning with all those words beginning with V :D loved it

19-09-06, 01:38 PM
Loved the graphic novel, loved the movie.


06-10-06, 04:14 PM
Watched this about a week ago and its one of the best films i have seen. Great storyline throughout about the man getting his revenge on the goverment. Definitly a film to see.