View Full Version : Natural Selection

Sir Kunmskull
09-08-03, 10:18 AM
has anyone tried this mod for HL it looks a bit like a cross between cs and aliens not sure if it worth downloading or not.

You can find it here


09-08-03, 10:33 AM
ive never played it but if its been downloaded 1.5million times it must be ok.

09-08-03, 09:35 PM
This is one of the biggest mods there is, behind CS and DoD, I'm suprised you've never heard of it? A few people have been playing it at Lanarchy events in the past.

It combines FPS with a little RTS too. One person plays commander and can decide how resources are used, what gets built where etc. Everyone else runs round shooting the aliens.

Sir Kunmskull
10-08-03, 08:51 AM
well i downloaded it lastnight at had a quick go its not to bad although i wouldnt want to be a commander looks like they alot of work. The graphics are ok and the team work is high i would recomened you try it.