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12-08-03, 07:36 PM
[12/08/2003: 10:59]
After all the rumours and speculation, it now appears as if 14 November is the date for your diaries...

Half-Life 2 will be released on Friday 14 November - at least, according to a release schedule that is currently circulating in the US.

While we have yet to receive confirmation of the date from the UK office of publishers Vivendi Universal, the schedule seems to be legitimate and appears to answer the recent is-it-or-isn't-it delay rumours.

It was originally announced that Half-Life 2 would be released on 30 September although this was called into doubt at the end of July when sources at Vivendi revealed that it was delayed until "holiday season 2003". Meanwhile, developers Valve continued to insist that the game was on schedule.

Still, it seems as if 14 November is now the day to start counting down to.

Once again copied and pasted from Gamesradar.

12-08-03, 08:20 PM
well thats only an extra 2 weeks, atleast it aint an extra 6 months!!!

12-08-03, 09:28 PM
Isn't Nov 14th 6 weeks not 2 weeks later?

Also, if it's not released over here at the same time....how many copies should I pick up while I'm in Washington :) :D ;)

12-08-03, 09:43 PM
I'll get a BIG cheque to you when you go!

It may be worth getting a few copies and flogging them over here on Ebay? :D

12-08-03, 10:35 PM
McBain, are you taking orders?
Put me down for one!

12-08-03, 10:36 PM
hmm... if it comes out here later you can put me down for 1 too