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01-07-06, 12:51 AM
Well this is a good post on ED that people contribute to (and I'm quoting it in the vague hope of not recieving loads of cash), and I thought that the beginner's guide could do with an update. Some of the points are for competitive play, but some can improve pub play as well

Learn to use nades:
If you have all fully bought up on a round, and you end up dieing without having used a single nade then you probably didn't play that round aswell as you could have. Learn to use flashes and smokes to move in on bombsites, or defend them. Timing your flashes right in any situation is a winner IMO. As a CT defending, if you hear that rush coming I always prefer to get a flash in straight away rather than a nade.

Keep checking your radar / keep communications:
If you keep track of where your teammates are, and you and your teammates keep letting each other know when they've seen an enemy and how many, then you should all be able to build a picture of where they are. Plus by checking your radar you should have a better idea of where you need to be looking incase an enemy peeks. If a teammate (terrorist) is at a long hut looking through the 2 sets of doors incase a CT pushes, then it's pointless you standing at T spawn watching the double doors of the hut too. He has that bit covered. Look to see if there's anywhere a teammate can be attacked from that he can't see. In that situation you would be better watching to see if anyone pushes up mid.

Learn from your mistakes:
How did you die? Have you died like that before and why? Think during the match and watch demos to learn from your mistakes. -

01-07-06, 01:10 PM
One question, how do you buy single mags of ammo?

01-07-06, 01:44 PM
You have to bind "buyammo1" or "buyammo2"