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17-07-06, 06:46 PM
Today we've seen the first major update on the newly released 'The Ship' released last week on Steam. it fixes a few launch niggles -

-Fixed a number of server stability issues
-Weapon fines and sentences balanced
-Default witness count set to 2
-Default witness time set to 1 second
-Scoreboard is no longer showable whilst in court, and no longer gets stuck up when leaving court
-Hunters who have already killed their quarry no longer get a "Quarry -Reassigned" message when their old quarry leaves the game
-Fixed breaking-down doors.
-Fixed occasional map-wide jumping problem (jump going in random direction)
-Fixed context sensitive interface (CSI) positioning issues in all aspect ratios
-Fixed containers getting stuck open when the player using them is killed
-Fixed container/shop/CSI panels that were left shown to a player when that player dies
-Fixed attachments not being removed from the player model when they are dropped from the inventory
-Fixed water dripping from hands on other players
-Correct water effect for different sized sinks
-Correct sounds added to the metal pressure doors
-Pee sounds tweaked
-Increased the cost of bribing guards to ignore security breaches
-Increased the cost of healing at sickbay
-Balanced ambient soundscapes in various maps
-Players can now click-through the court screen to start serving their sentence immediately
-Players can now chat with others while in court
-Players who now set others on fire when they are burning get accredited for the kill correctly

For anyone not aware, we have a rather busy Ship server on Add it to your favourite now :thumbs:

Anyone wanting to know what the ship is all about, listen to our tenth podcast (http://feeds.feedburner.com/LanarchyPodcasts), I'll pursaud you to buy it in the first 15 mins or so ;)

P.S. You gotta love part of this update is "Pee sounds tweaked" :lol:

20-07-06, 09:14 PM
Guess what, there's just been another update. I like how quick and fast they're getting fixes and changes out. This one brings more stability and -

* Fixed weapon ammo amount when dropped from inventory
* Money for kills values for weapons are now halved (by default) as soon as a weapon is used (and each time thereafter) within a round, and then reset to the minimum value at the end of a round
* Fixed visual effects being played when they shouldn't (e.g. dripping hands)
* Fixed flames being left behind when player arrested
* '/' characters now work within chat

I am also lead to believe there will be an Xfire update overnight (around 3am) which will add 'The Ship' to supported games :thumbs:

**EDIT** Infact you can update now -

If you would like to install the new update now go \Program Files\Xfire\Downloads\ > Right Click > 59.update > Copy > \Program Files\Xfire\ > Paste > Rename to 59.exe > Open