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31-07-06, 02:03 PM

I have been wondering this question for years now. While I am a member of this communitity I thought it would be a interesting post so I am going to ask the question.

Why do people use mods on the server?

I understand the need for the admin type mods as they are very useful for general admin of the server. I have been admin on both types of server and its easier by far to use the admin mod. As you can set permissions, limit access to console commands and ban the retards

However personally I cant see the point of the other mods
ie Where you get a sound effect from UT which as we all know this a completly diffrent game, so the sound effect is basicly stolen and all you hear is "MONSTER KILL" in your ear when ever someone gets a few kills in a row. If I wanted to play UT i would go play UT!
Another example of this would be the betting mod which is used on the lanarchy server(s). Maybe its me, im not too sure but i think this goes kinda against CSS and the way the money system works. It kinda takes the strategy away a bit (if there is such a thing in CSS) where you had to plan ahead a couple round But with this mod all you need to do is bet t all just before the bombs goes off and you have all the money you need.

Before anyone says "If you don't like it, go play somewhere else" I dont play CSS as often as I would like because it is full of ming-mongs and also I think that CSS is the chavs choise of online gaming but I do like being part of a community and it is always nicer to play with friends and I think this is the place to be.

Maybe Im a purest, Maybe I have played for too long or Maybe I have taken 1 too many blows to the head but I would like too know your opinions

Why do people use mods on the server?

31-07-06, 02:12 PM
i have to say i agree entirely with slippy, but thats just me. i voiced my opinions about the UT sounds at the time we were debating whether to add them or not. a good point was made that you can turn the sounds off if you dont like them. however you cant turn off the betting mod. you can just not bet but then others have an advantage over you. i do however like the use of skins in the game, just to change it around, and make it look better in my opinion. having said this i currently have zero custom skins on.

i guess the answer to 'why do people use mods?' is because they can. and it makes the game different for a while.

31-07-06, 02:56 PM
I think it is because CSS is basically a mod itself and modding it has kept it fresh and going for so long where as you look at other fps games they just don't stay up there like css. 2nd most played game ever on xfire after wow :)

I personally not afan of cash betting cause people do end up with money all the time even the rubbish players, which can give them a chance. But myself personally when I get a ultra KIll I love it :)

31-07-06, 02:57 PM
The UT sounds mod does get very frustrating, I mean, sometimes you'll hear 'RAMPAGE' being shouted out, but it's completely blocking out the direction of the kill, and other surrounding sounds, causing you to lose concentration and ultimately end up getitng killed when you should have known better.
As for the betting mod, I'm personally for it. When playing on pubs, it can be very frustrating to be on the losing team and to be left with no cash to purchase a decent weapon (which is essential in pulling back from a losing streak). My opinion is that it's a good thing, after all, public servers are played for fun.
Another aspect you've not mentioned is the stats menus that come along with the mani plugin. How can you fault them? Having server ranks, your own session status, hitbox stats, weapons usage stats, they're all a benefit.

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31-07-06, 05:11 PM
and modding it has kept it fresh and going for so long

I disagree with this. If you look at CS, the server mods didnt come in quite late in its life maybe around the time it went retail, im not too sure. Point is that it/was the gameplay and communitity which made cs / css great in the beginning, it seems a bit cheap to think that these are replaced by pretty lights and shiney numbers

after all, public servers are played for fun.

I thought public servers were there to abuse other people in. Its like that on 95% of servers I play on, which is why I perfer Lanarchy. Well I guess that could be fun to some inbreds, which maybe explains there love for pretty lights and shiney numbers

Another aspect you've not mentioned is the stats menus that come along with the mani plugin

I kinda avoided these a bit because it is a bit of a double edged sword. On 1 hand there great for showing you how you are doing but then again I found in the past people have tried to be top of the ranking systems. Curfish will remember a guy called Sparky in our old clans. He got addicted to being top of the stats and it turned out he was cheating to get there. I know its a extreme example. I just think people lose focus that it is a team game but saying that its very rare to find a team based server

31-07-06, 10:18 PM
Generally I do what the community is after. That community of course extends out beyond even this forum. People tend to like the betting mod, although I am aware many don't. Myself, I wouldn't miss it in the least if it wasn't there. I could disable it and see what feedback we get from players?

As for stats, deathrays and UT sound effects, they can all be turned off, so I don't really see them as an issue for people.

I myself am a bit of a stat freak, so I prefer them, but I know what you mean about it takes over some people and they just have to be #1 at all costs... that's just a bit sad really :?