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31-07-06, 10:59 PM
Right, I know its a pretty old game but I'm really a newbie to the Source scene, so here goes.

CS began as a Half Life mod in 1999, moving up through updates eventually to the final post source stage of CS 1.6. After this, Valve released Counter Strike: Condition Zero, which is frankly blasphemy compared to the smooth rounded curves of CSS. Then of course came the cherry on the metaphorical cake, Counter Strike Source.

You get the varied choice of the angelic Counter Terrorists, or the barbaric Terrorists. The T's have the many and varied aims of planting bombs, keeping hostages or just plain old murder. The CT's must prevent them destroying valuable archeological ruins (amongst others), secure the hostages and make sure there are no Terrorists left. All in a days work. :)
Maps are either bomb planting/defusal, prefixed with de (i.e. de_dust, de_train etc), hostage rescue/defense, prefixed with cs (i.e. cs_assualt, cs_office etc) or just plain old homicide in masses of custom made maps (made easy with commonly available modding software like Valve Hammer Editor) - fy_iceworld, helms_deep to name but a few. As well as this, LDuke has created a VIP server plugin to allow assassination maps, prefixed with as, the play similar to that on the 1.6 map as_oilrig.
Some maps have changed the scenario so that to reach the Terrorists/Counter Terrorists, you must destroy the floor to reach the other side, though the matter is complicated somewhat by the fact the destroyable boxes go only 4 deep. :P Another example would be glassfloor, where the glass you stand on is destroyable, and to avoid death by inertia you must negociate your way along the metal that borders each pane of glass. There are also surf maps, which allow you to surf your way down a course alongside the other team, though to be honest I've never managed it. :/

Official Maps:
* cs assault
* cs compound
* cs havana
* cs italy
* cs militia
* cs office
* de aztec
* de chateau
* de cbble
* de dust
* de dust2
* de inferno
* de nuke
* de piranesi
* de port
* de prodigy
* de train
* de tides

Main changes include:
* The Havok physics engine - allows more natural interaction between characters and their environment - 'ragdoll physics'
* New CT and T models, inc. the ability to see what weapons and grenades your teammates are carrying, allowing you to plan more tactically than previously
* Updated HUD and maps, including most recently some with HDR lighting

Commonly used guns include the M4A1 carbine rifle for the CT's and the CV-47 variant of the AK-47 for the T's, though between these of course theres the AWP, Desert Eagle, Scout, Glock and MP5 to name but a few.

Overall Opinion:
IMHO CSS and its variants (DoD Source, HL2 Deathmatch etc) have brought much of the fun back in FPS gaming. There not massively realistic, but then why sacrifice fun for realism? With pretty much everything you could want in an FPS game - choice, decent graphics, well balanced maps and the ability to have fun without being a pro, I would rate this as better than BF2 - its easier to get into, quicker and definitely less addictive. :P



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Talk about cutting it fine! I thought NCA was bad at 1155pm yesterday! Good luck though! :thumbs:

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