View Full Version : 10,000 Steam Accounts Banned

19-11-06, 09:00 AM
New Valve Anti-Cheat technology caught a few people cheating in Counter-Strike: Source and other games this week -- over 10,000. VAC detects anyone using cheat software and permanently bans their Steam account. We expect to see a surge of forum posts laying blame squarely at the feet of "my little brother."

Mind you, 10,000 accounts is probably a very small percentage of total accounts, or even total accounts that are using cheats...

Still, is this a massive increase on their normal numbers? Did they make changes to VAC with the update that broke our servers?

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Intense Fear
19-11-06, 09:41 AM
I dont think these bans have actually taken place and its just another load of crap by valve, my brother tryed joining a server which kicked him because the server was running zblock and he had the new Cl_Restrict_sever command on 1, so he changed it to 0 and tryed joining again. It then kicked him again and said he was banned from steam permentaly. For one he doesnt even cheat, i know because its my old computer he was using and also hes been able to join any server once he restarted steam so he wasnt banned.

Basically i think valve think they have 'banned' loads of hackers but they havent banned anyone because its just a bug which has taken place because of the new command they added. If i'm wrong someone tell me when was the last Vac update :)

19-11-06, 11:47 AM
Bit of a tangent, but why would anyone wanna cheat? It ruins the game. I wouldn't even know how to cheat anyway!

19-11-06, 12:48 PM
ha now thats the cheaters main line "i would'nt even know how to cheat" :lol: well good for VAC finally stepping up the game to join punkbuster :thumbs: Kudos to them.

19-11-06, 01:24 PM
Haha yeah good call. But seriously, I don't :P