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22-09-03, 12:24 PM
Don't know how much truth is in this but its worth a laff/post/look....

Spitcodfry, the person who just got a tour to valve complete with pictures he took, just rembered something about HL2 and posted it on halflife2.net. This is not bullshit, he really did go to valve and has a picture of him holding the golden crossbar with Gabe Newell.


IMPORTANT: I cannot believe I just now remembered this, but when I was on the tour, Gabe told me that Steam would begin to send Half-Life 2 the game to individual's hard drives a week before it released via Steam. I'm assuming this is for people that choose in advance to get it from there. A Steam employee also told me that the material sent to your hard drive would he heavily encrypted, in order to prevent anyone from playing any of the game early. And obviously, people would be notified in advance that the material was being sent to their hard drives. If this is the case, then an announcement would need to be made no later than next tuesday (the 22nd) for it to be sent by the 30th via Steam.

Taken from the Halflife2 Source forum pages.........

23-09-03, 12:47 PM
wtf is 'Alf life 2? surely u mean 'Half Life 2'?

Surely you aint that cockney :lol:

I'll leave all these rumours alone I'll wait nearer the time of release to see how it goes...anyway I'll just buy a fresh from the shops copy...

Half Life 2 :P :thumbs:

or even better...

:shock: Counter-Strike 2 :P :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

23-09-03, 07:41 PM
Jeeez. The younger generation. Nothing escapes them. Including humour, wit, sarcasm etc etc........ :lol:

05-10-03, 10:13 AM
It seems Half Life 2 has been released earlier than Valve expected:


Someone hacked in, downloaded the source code and published it on the internet...


05-10-03, 06:11 PM

Here's a link (http://www.halflife2.net/forums/showthread.php?s=c0c30e01df3715c2d4459b40273d93c4&threadid=10692) to the post by the Managing Director of Valve.
Well, this sucks.