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08-10-03, 05:04 PM
[07/10/2003: 17:29]
Vivendi confirm our worst fears: last week's code leak has resulted in yet more slippage. Bummer

After numerous stories and press statements concerning the release date of the hugely anticipated Half-Life 2, it has now been confirmed that it has slipped to at least April 2004.

However, the reason for the delay is far from ordinary. As recently reported, hackers leaked HL2's code on to the net.

This has proved disastrous for the game, as VU Games President of international operations Christophe Ramboz made clear to the French newspaper Les Echos: "A third of the source code was stolen. It's serious because it forces us to delay the launch of the game by at least four months, that is to April 2004."

Only last month, after HL2 was confirmed as not making its original 30 September release date, VU explained that they don't like giving out specific dates so as not to disappoint gamers if a title slips. The revised date was given as "an unspecified holiday release."

That was taken to mean some time around the Christmas period. Little did we realise then that the holiday in question would prove to be closer to Easter 2004...

Yes thats right, it seems that thanks to someone hacking in and stealing (and releasing onto the net) HL2's source code that they are going to delay it into next year...

Looks like we are never going to get it at this rate

08-10-03, 06:09 PM
F**********************CK. :evil:

No way.

I read about the theft of the code. This is just getting ridiculous.

Not happy. But there is eff all I can do.

08-10-03, 07:59 PM
So, getting a bit X-Files, who actually stole the code then? Seeing as how it gives them an excuse to drop the release date back by 6 months? Are they saying they have to write that third of the code again all of a sudden?


08-10-03, 08:00 PM
But, have they actually explained why the theft of only 33% of the code has put them back 4 months? It's not like the code is gone is it? Some just has a copy....of a third of it. Why does that mean delay?

Peter Piper
08-10-03, 08:13 PM
Erm, isn't that a similar thing to what happened with DOOM III with ID denying that they knew nothing about the release.

The story seems to be the same, release a preview of the game and leave everyone with their jaws dropped and talking, then release a level to give the people a taste. Then deny it. What then happens is that games developers with release dates due for their games then look at their games and say

"this is not releaseable (if that is a word) look how good DOOM III and HL 2 look"

"and theirs us thinking our idea and game was good.........we'll have do some more coding and change the release date!!!"

Seems far to strange and a common occurance these days, maybe next year they will come up with a better excuse. The funny thing is that if M$ can keep their Windows source code locked up for years, then why can't big companies like Valve and ID?????. It make my version more credable.

15-10-03, 08:30 AM
This is a quote from Oct 8th -
In a statement to the Half-Life 2 community, the "Anonymous Leaker" says that what was leaked by him is what Valve currently has, and Valve blaming the code theft for any delay is misleading. The "Anonymous Leaker" alleges that Valve's game wasn't ready for a prime-time release in late September - and promises to offer proof if Valve continues to take such a position. It should be strongly emphasized that Valve has not indicated whether or not the game has been delayed until 2004.
Taken from Gamespy (http://www.gamespydaily.com/news/fullstory.asp?id=5363).

Has anyone seen Valve explain why the leak has delayed the release, cause I still think it's rather dodgy.