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09-10-03, 09:39 PM
I thought it might be interesting to take a stroll down memory lane to see what we were doing this time last year...
ATI Confirm Sponsorship!
7th October 2002
ATI have confirmed they will be providing a 128mb Radeon ATI 9700 graphics card for our main prize at this weekends event in Central London!

If you want a chance to win this card, you still can. We have 3 places left at the event, but you'll need to book quick.
Lanarchy 4 in full flow
13th October 2002 (1:50 am)
Gaming all night? You bet! Approaching two o'clock in the morning and, so far, only a couple of people have had to resort to sleep. Everyone is currently trying to get the Midnight Midtown Madness competition started (only 2 hours behind schedule - but we had a mass expedition to Burger King at ten). Got to get back now, only 16 hours of gaming left...
Basically it was about this time last year that we did our 2 dayer at Liverpool Street. If I recall correctly, Rellik had crashed out and Mincemeat was on his way. That was one memorable LAN... :smokin:

09-10-03, 10:02 PM
Mmmmmmm PIE :D

Now that was a damn good LAN!

11-10-03, 09:05 AM
sounded like it was an amazing LAN