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28-10-03, 10:11 PM
Ok, we all know that steam sucks ass. I accedently found this petition with over 22317 signatures for "no steam" while looking around at cscentral. Wouldn't you like to help say "No" to steam?

Here is the website for the petition


:banana: :sonic:

Psycho Hamster
28-10-03, 11:20 PM
Signed it, as have 22319 other people :shock:

28-10-03, 11:34 PM
Yeah me too I was number 22318 :D

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
28-10-03, 11:59 PM
boycotting it

29-10-03, 12:05 AM

29-10-03, 07:02 AM
I got my lucky number - 22334 :side:

Look at #22317 Brian Sichting's comments -
I paid 29.99 for 1.5 Counterstrike aty Best Buy 3 days ago 10/28/03 if WON goes offline and my stuff dont work Someone owes me some money back.
:lol: He's got a point though.

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
29-10-03, 08:22 AM
no he hasn't - it will still work but he'll need to use steam.


29-10-03, 10:01 AM
Judge Smurfy is in session...

29-10-03, 10:53 AM
Basically they've moved the goal posts though. As he bought CS I'm
guessing he didn't want to download it. Now he's going to have to.

PS, maybe you should start a petition against the petition :)

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
29-10-03, 12:26 PM
LtTomWoolley]Judge Smurfy is in session...

and in hangin' mood

30-10-03, 11:05 AM
btw for all the people who are sick of steam default models, fusion have released a pack for cs 1.6 at

also the stupid installation will ask for a password to install its = fp12f0481e

11-11-03, 10:58 AM
Can't sign that, sorry ;)

14-11-03, 09:38 PM
why not? :(

no. 22750 :P

www.petitiononline.com who would be so sad as to make a web site devoted to petitionz? :wink: