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08-11-03, 01:42 AM
Does any know where i can find the real weapon names for CS. The ones that come with CS is driving me mad. They call a KA47 an CV47 and well the others are worse :cus:

08-11-03, 01:58 AM
Hey there simple simon..

Not defending counterstrike or anything but you do realise that in addition to other guns in the game, they probably thought it would be a nice touch if they specified what type of AK47 it was.

You do realise that there are over 60 different modifications and types of Kalashnikov rifles (produced in over 30 countries) that exist, some made from gold and silver (maybe you saw it on the news in iraq?) :lol: The AK47 is a very generic term for the 1947 model of Mikhails Avtomat Kalashnikov which is actually Mark1 of the original AK's. The Famous models include the Romanian, Czec Republic,Chinese, Russian and Ukranian AK'47's.

The CV47 probably indicates that it is the Czec model of the MK1 AK47. (they still produce the AK47 but it has been slightly modfiied over the past 56 years) :gunner:


08-11-03, 02:03 AM
O yeh dont worry about my knowledge (or lack of) in the art of guns i just have an interest in them :lol:

Im not crazy :twisted: