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26-06-02, 06:56 AM
I thought it probably warranted it's own thread, please let us know if you would rather events to be just the Saturday or over both Saturday and Sunday.

We will have to look into venue's and costings of course, but without stating the obvious it will probably cost around twice as much,

26-06-02, 07:19 AM
I think 2 days is a good idea, especially if you allow people to buy a ticket for just the sunday, so the unfortunate people who have to work on saturdays (<----) can come

26-06-02, 07:59 AM
i think that the UKLANS crew would only be down for a day!! i like LANS but 2 days would be too much for me i think

26-06-02, 08:10 AM
We would definatly have an option to just book for one of the days for those who prefer one day events.
Ice to see you...

kensai ryuuri
28-06-02, 01:33 PM
2 days is nice

FeArLeSs Dude
30-06-02, 06:21 AM
1 day

30-06-02, 12:32 PM
I personally would like 2 days LANing.

This is because:

1/ By the time you drive there, get set up, install any other games you need to play, sort out any problems. You would have to pack up again for the drive home. Leaving well not too much gaming time.

2/ Two days would give people greater flexibilty to come if they can only make one day of the weekend.

3/ Neeeeed.....Mooore.....LANage..... :P Must...go....through..... night...without....sleep!!!


Im not bothered if there are beds or not. All the LANs Ive been too haven't had beds. I have a camp bed and a sleeping bag and that does me just fine. As long as i can find a piece of floor somewhere kind of quiet. (Seperate room is much better)

So if anything Id like them even longer...

I-series are about 3 to 4 days. DreamLAN is about 3-4 days. Much 0wnage is to be had. A LAN isn't a LAN without Sleep deprivation



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14-07-02, 11:22 AM
i think if you did one special even yearly which was two days that would be cool! i might enquire....there is an ibis just round the corner from me.

15-07-02, 11:43 PM
considering the 2nd event will be my first ever lan, i dont have much to say. (just observed the 1st event )

i suppose a 2 nighter would be a very different experience