View Full Version : England vs Australia????

26-10-02, 12:43 PM
Was wondering if maybe you guys wanna have a war one day???? It would be my CS clan you would be playing pG.|
We are currently comming 23 in the 2nd season of the Australian ladder.
http://cogs.games.telstra.com/gamearena/arenas/cs/ladder/index.php?action=rankings you can go there to check out the ladder and other details.
Anyway it would just be a fun match anyway, nothing serious.
Let us know :D

26-10-02, 08:56 PM
Sure, it might be fun...but I can see to obvious barriers....

1) The difference in time zones might make arranging the game a bit awkward

2) One team is going to have a HUGE ping advantage

I guess we could play on a fairly nuetral server, maybe one on the West coast of the US or something, or we could have home and away games :)

27-10-02, 08:19 AM
Yeah i know, ive played in some US servers and my ping wasnt too bad, bout 100.
You could post some servers that you play on and i could check out the pings, wouldnt be much good if i gave you the servers i play on cause they are all firewalled, you need to run a program to get in to em.
I dont think the time would be too much of a problem, we are about 10 hours infront of you guys...lol, i think.
Anyways, just post up some servers and i could go check em out.

27-10-02, 08:33 AM
Okay, some UK servers are -

Jolt.co.uk - [-FAT-] Public Server - (hmm, down at the mo :? )

UK2.NET 181 - (can be laggy, even for us)

[NBox] Counter Strike Server - (my own, so easy to control for a game)

Try those and see what kinda ping you get... :)

27-10-02, 10:13 PM
350 Ping :? lol, that cant be good for anyone, might aswell give it a miss, doesnt seem like the pings will be too good. Bummer

30-10-02, 12:50 PM
errrmmm why don't you both just book a public US Server...

everyone's ping will be 100 - 150 ish... level playing field