View Full Version : 20th July Lift Needed...

kensai ryuuri
17-07-02, 09:50 AM

One of our guys could do with a lift from Watford Junction Train Station.

Arrives in at 9:15am

I spoke to McBain about it on Sat he suggested to post here.

Heres a few pics just to give you a taster



His MSN: acron86@hotmail.com

17-07-02, 02:58 PM
I think Briktopp said that the station is about 2 mins away from where he lives, so I'm sure we can sort something out for him...unless someone else offers first
Ice to see you...

kensai ryuuri
18-07-02, 03:32 PM
Its getting close to the event day now and I need to know really if he has got a lift or not :/

He will be wearing a Barrysworld TShirt he said too

19-07-02, 11:38 PM
lift is no problem from watford junction

ring 07967101914 when you arrive and we'll send the van

good luck with the trains!!1