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13-08-04, 05:07 PM
Saw this today - was really looking forward to it but found it to be a bit run of the mill tbh. There have been so many advancements in sci-fi in the last few years (Matrix, SW Ep 2 for the amazing battle CGI, Minority Report) that made this feel a bit old.

Will Smith is good not great. The robots were ok. The story was ok as well but I just didn't feel inspired.

Ahh well never mind - The new Dodgeball Trailer was on before it so it made it worthwhile - If you can dodge moving traffic, you can dodge a ball ;)

Oh and it's never a good sign when the Orange ad before the film was as good as the film itself. It was the Shaun Astin one - Lord of the Ringtones: Return of the Phone Call tho my fave was the Roy Schnieder one - Film Orange?? Roy - we're gonna need a bigger boat. :)

16-08-04, 07:55 AM
I quite liked it, kinda liked the fact it looked 'older'.

If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!!!

21-08-04, 08:41 PM
I watched this on Wednesday as well as Spiderman 2 (Making the most of Orange Wednesdays) and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Some great effects, a few good one liners, a reasonable story line etc...

I'd give it 8/10 I think.

21-08-04, 09:20 PM
I'd give this 8.5/10, maybe even 9, it was a great film great directing and acting in it, i really liked sonny's performance as well.

I made the most of my dubit card (www.dubitcard.com) getting in to see this, cost me

22-08-04, 12:24 PM
dubit card? 4.50 for adult and child? cool...Explain pls

22-08-04, 04:36 PM
Yeah, the link you gave doesn't go to a functioning site... :?

22-08-04, 05:18 PM
http://www.dubitcard.com/index.cfm?event=home how about this?

22-08-04, 06:32 PM
Yep, something like that.

I've edited the link, but basically its a free discount card for under 18's, giving me 10% off pizza hunt deliveries, eat-ins, and take aways, free tickets at vue cinemas, and