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BaD bOy
24-05-02, 07:57 PM
it says that there will eb an ongoing comp throughout the eyar of lanarchy but if i dont attend the first one will i be able to play. as i am probs only gonna be able to make it 1nce a year as i live far away

24-05-02, 08:04 PM
Sure, basically we will set up teams on the 22nd which we will try and stick to as much as we can through the year.

If new people come to the event, they will be assigned to one of the two teams. If the teams seem drastically imbalanced then we shall swap people round slightly to try and even it up, but hopefully we can get it right to begin with by using game day stats.

If the events grow and we have more than 32 people in this competition then we can split the two teams to make 4, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
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BaD bOy
25-05-02, 08:44 AM
ok thnx mcabin like i said i will probaly only gonna be able to make 1nce a year im not sure

07-06-02, 07:28 PM
Just to give you an idea of the competitions and whats up for grabs -

4 on 4 Tournament

Prize - 8 Warner Village Cinema Ticket Vouchers

Depending on how many 4 on 4 teams there are, there will be a first stage (possibley league based if we don't have 4 or 8 teams), a semi final and a final. Standard maps throughout. Each team plays one round/map as CT and one as T. The team playing CT gets to choose what map is played. NB You don't play each map as CT and T, one map CT a new map as T.

Lanarchy in 2002

Prize - ongoing competition

As described above. See cs.andycr.com for an idea of how this works. Total time played will be around 3 hours. Standard and custom maps (provided on a CD on the day). Score kept, one team vs the other on maps won (22 mins map time).

Quake 3 Free For All

Prize - Wicked3D Shades and Drivers

This will have an elimination round, two games running, bottom player knocked out from each game till only players left for the final later in the day. More details on this competition when we have them. This will only take place if enough people are interested in taking part (at least 8 or 10 I would think) otherwise the prize will be kept for the July event.

To see the schedule for the day go here -> lanarchy.co.uk/events/schedule.html
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FeArLeSs Dude
17-06-02, 08:33 PM
Looks interesting and very enjoyable