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06-09-04, 06:54 PM
I saw this today, and I think I'd give it about 7/10. Its predictable at time and unpredictable at others. I have no idea how to explain, but its not as funny as Dodgeball imho.

Go see it :)

06-09-04, 09:57 PM
I was thinking I wouldn't mind seeing this. I generally like Hanks. If he's in a film its usually an indication you wouldn't be wasting you money.

06-09-04, 10:14 PM
Im going to see anchorman on wed , if I cant get into that I will proberbly go see this (although there is still dodgeball to see )

06-09-04, 11:22 PM

was quality!

Terminal looks ok but i am looking forward to Collateral myself and will be seeing that, altho a couple of my friends want to see this so i will probably end up watching it too, at least the trailer makes it look ok.

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
07-09-04, 04:29 PM
<snip>...I generally like Hanks. If he's in a film its usually an indication you wouldn't be wasting you money.
wierdo! :lol:

i'm off to see hellboy on thurs - i'll post my thoughts afterwards

07-09-04, 04:56 PM
I'm off to see Anchorman as well Az :)

From the trailer, it looks really, really funny. :lol:

07-09-04, 09:45 PM
Papa Smurf]i'm off to see hellboy on thurs - i'll post my thoughts afterwards
You question Hanks' films, and then go and see something like Hellboy! :roll: ;)

I'll be seeing Anchorman tomorrow evening too, if all goes to plan.

08-09-04, 08:17 AM
How can you question such classics as splash, big, turner and hooch and the icing on the cake... Dragnet!

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
08-09-04, 05:29 PM
i rest my case...

08-09-04, 08:07 PM
PS, you don't have a case :P

Turner & Houch rocks! :cheer:

09-09-04, 08:46 AM
I prefer Turner and Hooch but I heard Turner and Houch is just as good. Don't forget Bachelor Party, the burbs and Money pit!

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
09-09-04, 04:32 PM
PS, you don't have a case :P

Turner & Houch rocks! :cheer:
are you familiar with the phrase "digging yourself out of a hole"?

you're only making it worse for youself.... :lol:

10-09-04, 08:25 AM
Joe Vs the volcanoe was a huge hit!

10-09-04, 03:27 PM
will be seeing this, don't know when, got others to see first.

14-09-04, 01:07 AM
hmm. Saw this and Dodgeball recently. Id give this a 6/10. A nice concept. Not very funny. it Dragged on a bit as well. an over all 'Nice' Film.

Dodgeball: 7.5/10. Silly, yet very Funny. Could have been a lower rating, but i was prepared for the sillyness before hand.

But, not worth seeing either in the cinema, No need to. DVD rentals would be fine. However Chronicles of Riddick and Collateral are cinema musts.

mince :)

14-09-04, 08:40 AM
Anchorman is a must!!! :D

14-09-04, 09:34 AM
yeh, I saw the trailer...It looks Good. But its time for an action film next.. Hellboy or Collateral.

14-09-04, 12:22 PM
Saw hellboy the other day, i was quite surprised. Around 7/10.

14-09-04, 01:59 PM
If all goes well, I'll see Wimbledon on the 19th :D

14-09-04, 03:06 PM
I can see it right now... :twisted:

14-09-04, 06:12 PM
I got offered to see it last week. Funnily enough my old boss was in Warner, erm I mean Vue West End when I went in to see Anchorman.

15-09-04, 09:59 PM
I have one thing to say:

Premiere>Preview :P


15-09-04, 10:38 PM
Nah, I've been to enough Premieres to know that they aren't that much different for your average punter tbh... Unless you have tickets to the party afterwards, they are sometimes quite good.

16-09-04, 11:08 AM
I remember the one party we went to after a premiere, the most famous person was Jet from gladiators! Fit though

16-09-04, 11:14 AM
I'm sure Bianca from Eastenders was at that one too wasn't she? Of course they both wanted me. :side:


16-09-04, 11:15 AM
Of course they both wanted me ... to stop hogging the bar? :twisted:

16-09-04, 11:16 AM
...to stop dribbling would be closer to the mark :(

16-09-04, 12:33 PM
Correct, Bianca was there and I think maybe tiffany (from eastenders not the singer) was there as well but she wasm't very well known then. Wasn't that the one with all the girls in cowboy hats and we had to get damian home cos his glasses were steamin up!

19-01-05, 11:31 AM
I watch this (The Terminal) last night, another top film by Hanks I thought.

I got a little lost when he was explaining why he wanted to go to America, but apart from that a very amusing and entertaining couple of hours. :thumbs:

19-01-05, 12:04 PM
I thought it was very good. BUT it did slow down on a couple of occasions and I felt like like sleeping...