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15-10-04, 12:45 PM
went to see this a couple of weeks ago.

I have mixed feelings about this film, As a diver i was extremely uncomfortable with sitting through a depiction of two people going through the horrible trauma of slowly realising that they are in for a slow death either through hypothermia or as shark food just because of a miscount on a tourist diveboat trip.

Mixed feelings because it does what it sets out to do very well in the second half of the film - i really felt an afinity for the two characters at the end . But I cant enjoy those true story movies that havnt nothing to say but just exploit our fascination with death and despair. This is not in 'Blair Witches' league but it works on the some of same levels.

I know that this sort of scenario is not that uncommon as you may think and i'm not sure how to describe it but i didnt want to see this film for some of the same reasons i dont want to see iraqi hostages be beheaded - buts its car accident syndrome and i was persuaded by a friend and clever marketing to see it anyway.

15-10-04, 01:39 PM
hey thats a pretty cool review of the film (and im not just trying to blow smoke up your arse) , I was invited a while ago to go watch it with someone but couldnt make it. after reading this Im ganna have to see if I can still catch it .