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28-03-05, 11:58 PM
Me and my mates watch The Contender, it's a boxing show where amateurs who never got a shot at going for the world title get to all take on each other to win a million dollars and a chnace to box as a professional.

It's a really damn good show....loads of stars come to watch the matches like this week (last evening's show) Mel Gibson and Mr-T was there.....

They split the boxers into 2 teams and they have a challenge each week the winning side out of the West and East sides get to pick the boxer they want to fight vs who...even thought the East Side have won all 3 fight and challenges so far

It was so damn good this week coz this extremly cocky lanky boxer "Ahmed"(West Side) had been getting lippy to this black guy "Ishe Smith"(East Side).....he decided last week not to fight him and it looked like the cocky little sod had got to him.....looked the same this week but with all the pressure he decided to fight Ahmed this week, it really looked liked he was either gonna have an emotional breakdown or just quit........but when it came to the fighting Ishe Smith kicked the little sh*ts ass, was very amusing.....pleasing to see the guy have his smile wiped off his face. :twisted:

Anyone else what this show or more importantly watched Ahmed get his arse handed to him?

29-03-05, 01:27 PM
I saw an interview the other day on Conan O brian and they had Sly Stallone , and he was talking about that show, I think he is the producer of it or something.

29-03-05, 03:17 PM
I watched that show while i was in Shanghai last week and they are a couple of weeks in front. I p**sed myself when matey got his arse spanked all over the ring!

Next episode will come as a real shock, you will have to wait until the very end though!