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11-08-05, 06:39 PM
Hmmm.....I've seen this for a good few months but my friend tried it and recommended I gave it a go.....

And well its FREE, and it's FANTASTIC! :thumbs:

You can create and customize your own personal radio to very good detail

Pick the genres and artists/bands you like.....and then give them a rating from 1-5.....the hgiher the rate the more that band, song, album and genre will play......1 meaning it will never play again.......

And of course it will get better and better the longer you play and rate music.....

The small disadvanatage is it doesnt support Netscape brosers no Mozilla use here:(

Those that are always looking for new tunes to add to their collections, this gets the full 5 Skavorn Stars out of 5!!!! :P

To find this.......go to Yahoo front page, click on Music.....sign in and from the Yahoo LAUNCHcast menu pick "create my station"

11-08-05, 07:01 PM
Sounds interesting. So, I could basically have this open in an IE window, minimized and leave it there. When do I rate the tracks? As they are playing?

11-08-05, 07:38 PM
as soon as you set the genres you like.......hit create my station......you can then rate the album, artist and song.......and how I've "JUST" found out now.......you don't have to listen through a really crappy track....you can rate never play again and hit the skip button down the bottom :thumbs:

11-08-05, 08:25 PM
But, you can only skip so many tracks per listening hour. Also, the fact that the video content on the UK site is very limited compared to other regional sites.

It is good though, and a good concept, i have used it many a time.

11-08-05, 09:12 PM
Trust Helios to put a dampener on a great FREE service.....My friend skips through most of the tunes and he's not had any problem......

And I'm not talking about the videos.....I'm talking about the customisable radio station....

However since we're now putting a dampener on it.....it seems to crash internet explorer every now and then......its crashed my friends twice and mine once.......in the few hours we've had it open....

11-08-05, 09:30 PM
I loved using it when I had broadband, now I dont even bother now with a 56k modem and 33.3 speeds. :(

11-08-05, 09:46 PM
Even with IE (well, Maxathon) I get


Sorry, media playback failed.

Error Code: 14 - C00D109B

12-08-05, 09:58 AM
It has to be internet explorer mate, absolutely nothing else will work (oh, and atleast version 9 of Windows Media Player)

12-08-05, 02:13 PM
Maxthon is IE. I even tried with vanilla IE and was getting errors.

12-08-05, 05:52 PM
maybe the site just doesnt work on PDAs :)

12-08-05, 08:14 PM
What would that have to do with it not working on my computer? :roll:

13-08-05, 12:25 AM
I think that Skav's comment was meant to be a joke...

13-08-05, 07:45 AM
Yes, probably, but jokes are hard to pick out from normal comments when they aren't funny :tongueout:

13-08-05, 03:55 PM
Do you have the latest version of Windows MEdia Player? or just an alternative?

13-08-05, 05:02 PM
Yup, version 10. I think Yahoo thinks its a pop-up blocker of some kind, but I don't think I have one on IE... as I just don't use it. :dunno:

14-08-05, 10:10 AM
have you got SP1 on IE6?

14-08-05, 03:00 PM
There are no updates left, so yes, I would think so.

14-08-05, 07:41 PM
OK, well, looking into that error code, this is what i found -
[quote:7df8a8d304="General - Troubleshooting Playback"]