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16-09-05, 11:23 AM
Just having a look at the website (http://harrypotter.warnerbros.co.uk/gobletoffire/master/index.html). I didn't realise it was due out so soon...

I can't get the trailers to play though, is it just FF being a pain?

16-09-05, 12:42 PM
u into harry potter then?


16-09-05, 01:20 PM

16-09-05, 01:28 PM
No, not really. I've seen the films, never read the books... was just suprised no-one had mentioned it basically.

16-09-05, 02:16 PM
lol- sorry about last post- i meant tio say mor ein it but i coudltn coz im at skool and teacher was snooping around


16-09-05, 04:27 PM
oi!! ive read all the books, the newest one was bad but crap ending!!!

16-09-05, 05:11 PM
tbh, I loved the new one. It was much darker than the other ones, and it had much more obscure meanings and refrences :)

/me goes to read it again :D

16-09-05, 06:12 PM
the newest one was bad but crap ending!!!

Is that bad as in good, or is that english as in martian?

16-09-05, 08:15 PM
lol - bad as in good i think -

***** SPOILER****** in case u dont know alreayd and u dont want to know

i cant believe dumble dies

:( Kbrothers

16-09-05, 09:13 PM
I can't get the trailers to play though, is it just FF being a pain?

I got them to play eventually - you have to put the pointer on the little trailer picture so the border lights up, otherwise it just returns to the front page.

As far as the trailers themselves are concerned, already it looks to me like they're taking liberties with the books... :(


17-09-05, 05:30 PM
oopss, i had anoht moment there "wasnt bad" is what it was meant to say. i aint no gangster wanabe!

17-09-05, 08:32 PM
Isnt aint no a double negative so it basically means yes? So you are a gangster wannabe? :P

19-11-05, 11:04 AM
Hey went and watched this last night at 9pm.

This film is the best one so far, i cant see why its a 12A but hey that dosnt affect me so.....

Good film, great special affects, and it was filmed in watford (2 mins from the LNY meet) so a top film!!

19-11-05, 11:23 AM
i agree with you nea that the film looks truely awsome!
i am going to see it today with some mates of mine who are all looking forward to it as well! :D

19-11-05, 11:32 AM
I saw it friday at 9.30 in the morning since i had teacher training day. Good film even though there was a school trip to see it with 139 primary school children :roll:

19-11-05, 04:58 PM
I do like the look of it, but i think I will save myself for narnia, and watch this on DVD

19-11-05, 05:05 PM
One of my friends from school played in one of the bands in this film :thumbs:

20-11-05, 01:30 PM
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