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04-12-05, 01:56 PM
The continued search for a popular fourth server has now moved on to the newly released de_nuke.

Nuke 24/7 -


It looks quite a nice version of nuke, a lot brighter than it has usually seemed.


So, give it a go... while you can, cause as soon as militia gets released, we will probably be moving onto that :thumbs:

04-12-05, 02:07 PM
I almost sh*t myself when i saw there was a [LNY] 24/7 nuke server :crazy:
I soooo hate that map :(
As soon as i saw this thread I was a happy little camper, WOW militia :shock: the map of ALL maps!!
I can stand a bit of nuke when I know it's going to get me militia :D

Patiently waiting :bow:

04-12-05, 02:25 PM
I think Nuke is an awesome map :)

Yes, you can camp, but it's not that bad :)

04-12-05, 03:13 PM
Nuke is a bit messy...and has so many camper spots.

04-12-05, 04:54 PM
Well since i have never played new nuke ill give it a go but i was keen on dust all day unfortunatly for me :(

Sgt. Stadanko
04-12-05, 05:13 PM
I think it's an alright map, yea. May aswell trial a few others though...

04-12-05, 05:45 PM
i like that map. i think it will be a good server!

04-12-05, 06:42 PM
Hmm, It does seem to lag quite a bit at times. So do the other servers (this was when they were all full or nearly full). Perhaps this needs investigating?

Watching two servers (Nuke and Dut2/Office) in HLSW for about 5 minutes, this is what the ping-o-meter looks like. People were complaining of lag on the nuke server when I was on.



04-12-05, 07:00 PM
I hardly ever feel the lag that people complain about, but nuke is the first time I've experienced lag and choke... we'll see how it goes.

Sgt. Stadanko
04-12-05, 08:46 PM
Ever since that last steam update i been getting pings ranging from 100 to 150+ Can anyone tell me what to do?!!?! :(

04-12-05, 09:06 PM
maybe the steam update has changed the steam internet connection settings?

go to steam main menu>view> settings>internet>(set your internet speed)>click "ok" >(then restart steam??)

*if you dont know your internet speed go to http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/ for a free test of your internet speed.

Hope that helps :think:

04-12-05, 09:48 PM
I quite like nuke - keeps people guessing :-)

There was some good gaming tonight - some very good people; polite and sensible when I was on (7.30 til 9;15 ish) at any rate.


04-12-05, 10:00 PM
Yeh it was quite good today a few new people popped on and then i saw a few of our regulars aswell so i think choosing this new map for a server was a really good decision as i'm guessing not many servers will be running it. :)

Even though im not very good at it im still liking it.


04-12-05, 10:13 PM
IMO - nuke is a pretty awesome map, but it is also one of the bigger maps, so people are more likely to lag and get chok (not sure why though).

04-12-05, 10:16 PM
Not really if people have good internet connections then it will probably be ok, also that probably why its being run as a 16-man server and not a 20, if i am correct :?:


04-12-05, 10:25 PM
Nah, thats just the size of the 4th server...

I'm going to try get the 4th server onto the front page with the others (the monitor server bits).

04-12-05, 10:27 PM
Ok, had a feeling i might not have been right lol, :oops:


05-12-05, 10:36 AM
Awesome - truly awesome - great decision

This map is as funny as hell (is hell funny?) - anyway, I cant wait to get on this. I may nowe experience some choke because I dont have my true 100mbit line anymore because Im back home in the big L till after xmas :cry: but I am now with my GF 24/7 :twisted: so it aint all bad :wink:

Will be gettin on this asap - great job those responsible :lol:

05-12-05, 03:44 PM
Love this map, one of my fav's.

looking forward to wens when i get my new mobo so i can see it in HDR

02-01-06, 07:17 PM
i actually enjoy nuke but its always been a bit of a small map. but still enjoyable but only in numbers. whenever i look at that lny server it seems to be abit empty compared to the others but i msure all that will change when militia is up (man i love that map!) lol