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26-01-06, 06:20 PM
Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon star in this film about the making of a film of a book :shock:

It is the story of Tristram Shandy played by Coogan and his father (also Coogan) plus the behind the scenes action of the actors.

The relationship between Coogan and Brydon is spot on all the way through as Brydon tries to prove he is the real star of the movie while Coogan tries to fend him off. My favourite scene was probably one where Coogan and Brydon try to out-do each other impersonating Al Pacino although there were many to choose from.

Cameos include Stephen Fry, Gillian Anderson, David Walliams (Little Britain), Mark Williams (Fast Show), Dylan Moran (Black Books, Shaun of the Dead) and Kelly MacDonald (Trainspotting) and all are perfect.

This film is so well written, funny all the way through and by the look of it, a lot was ad-libbed. Beware though a lot of the lines need a bit of thinking about so don't watch this if tired or in need of eye candy.

9/10 - A great British film.

26-01-06, 06:26 PM
sweet, going to see this saturday with a mate of mine, both huge fans of Coogans character Alan Partridge.