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22-03-06, 09:21 AM
[quote:e471081173]The two-year renewal for

22-03-06, 09:36 AM
Since about Series 14 it has been rather crap tbh. I dont know how they got two more seasons. Their ideas keep gettin worse and worse, but hey, Ill always be a huge fan...

26-03-06, 07:50 PM
Well my brother collects anything that says simpsons on it such as monopoly etc. Simpsons is great and i will always like it its just so hilarious :lol:

26-03-06, 10:49 PM
i know how you feel - i love season 3-5 alot, but i dont want them to wreck it too....maybe they can mange another season

08-06-08, 08:58 AM
The cast of The Simpsons have signed a four-year deal that guarantees a 20th season of the popular TV show, according to trade paper Variety.

Production was delayed for several months while the voice actors and 20th Century Fox TV discussed an agreement.

Variety said the salaries of the stars - including Dan Castellaneta (Homer) and Nancy Cartwright (Bart) - would rise to $400,000 (200,000) an episode.

BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7434296.stm)

I have to say, I wish they would just stop. I tend not to bother with the new episodes these days, it's just not the same...

08-06-08, 09:07 AM
I don't have sky anymore so haven't seen any new episodes in ages. The newest one I saw was the 300th episode with Tony Hawk and Blink 182.

Channel 4 showed some new episodes for 2 weeks or so now they've gone back to what we've all seen before.

For those of you who have followed the whole show I agree it may be starting to become slightly stale. Homer seems to have had a complete personality change to keep the series funny.

08-06-08, 12:47 PM
This show should have ended along time ago.