View Full Version : Reevey's Pathetic Attempt At A CS Script

26-08-02, 02:58 PM
This is my first release, it's not really a public release, I'm mostly trying to find out how userfriendly it is and where the bugs are.

Simply download, unzip to your Half Life folder (Unless you have Retail, which it probley wont work with)


If you have any problems email me (reevey@uklans.com).

NOTE: Read the readme for a list of files to backup!

27-08-02, 01:35 PM

The lastest version. Now using a self extractor, should (But may not) install probley if your using Retail or Mod.

It should be alot easier for people to use in game, with the in game command menu.

Again, if you have any problems email me (reevey@uklans.com).